Recital 2019 Overview


Wow! We are blown away with how amazing all of our dancers did this year in our Spring Recital! Our show this year, entitled “HIS,” was all about a girl discovering that her identity in anything other than Jesus comes up short and hollow. She journeys through an identity in toys or stuff with our preschool class, dancing to “Part of this world” from The Little Mermaid, then into identity in self image, sports, academics, and even dance! At the end she surrenders it at the cross and comes away more free and more sure than she’s ever been in her identity as His child.

“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that he may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” - 2 Chronicles 16:9

Here are some photos from our day, courtesy of Wild Blossom Photography & Sarah Richmond Photography.


Thanks to all who came out to our show! If you missed it, you can watch here:


Makers Ekklesia Dance Co.

P.S. Looking for some dancing fun for your summer?? Check out our dance camps here:

Summer Dance Camp

We had such an amazing time at our summer dance camp a few weeks ago! The girls learned a fun princess dance, some moving Scriptures, and lots of other fun things! We fell in love with each sweet little dancer and hope to see some of you back in the fall. Here is a photo of the precious group we had this year. Let the count down begin for fall classes!



Worship & Dance: What does that mean?

Some of my dancing friends in 2010 at a benefit concert 

Some of my dancing friends in 2010 at a benefit concert 

I remember trying to describe to one of my friends in high school what a "dance ministry" was. He couldn't wrap his head around what that looked like or could mean. To him, dance was the Nutcracker or the dance team at a football game, but certainly not like what he knew as "worship" in his church. Worship was singing songs to God and maybe some prayer, but dance as worship just didn't make sense. 

Sure we danced to music that was about Jesus and uplifting, but it was MORE. When we danced, something within us shifted. Something in the atmosphere shifted. I don't say that to say that we were the most amazing dancers of all time, but that there was an authority and power behind the movement that changed things. You know how sometimes when you're watching a performance, be it a singer or dancer or performer of sometime and you are inexplicably moved to tears? What is that? Why does that happen? 

Something that I've learned overtime is that physical obedience brings spiritual release

The Bible talks about the laying on of hands to people that need prayer or a touch from God. God could surely accomplish the task without that. He is God after all. But yet, he asks for something physical from us. He loves to co-partner with us!

What is it that's different about raising your hands while singing songs during worship than just standing and singing? A physical response.

Why did Jesus tell the blind man to stand up and walk in his healing? Physical obedience. 

I could go on and on about this, but there is power in movement. And when it's backed up by prayer and the word of God? Watch out man. The word of God is like a double edged sword...and if His word, his testimony, is being spoken in physical response or movement, how much more powerful can that be?!

This may seem strange or uncomfortable or just foreign to many, but I can tell you I have witnessed a move of God time and time again as a dancer and also in watching other dancers. It doesn't make sense. But a lot of things about how God works in the natural and spiritual don't make sense to our earthly brains! 

One of the first things God spoke to me through in establishing Makers Ekklesia was through this quote: 

"The devil is so nervous of your authentic, creative expression that he tries to keep you in anxiety, fear and shame to cut back your ability to creatively express who you are in Christ."

My goal and vision is to help build a foundation of truth under your children about who they are in Jesus, and open up a place in their lives to discover that who they are made to be...that their "authentic, creative expression," is so important and valuable. 

Each little heart and set of feet that enters our space is so important. I don't take for granted for one second the opportunity to love each person that dances with us! 

Much love,

Ms. Jenn


Spring Dance & Worship Event Success

A few weeks ago Makers Ekklesia had our first event! It was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. This was an open level class for dancers and non-dancers alike! We learned what God says about dance and how it can be used as a form of worship. People heard from God, experienced the Father's presence and we all had tons of fun together learning a short piece of choreography. We can't wait to have another event like this!!