What to expect: Policies & Other Details


Dress code

Ballet: Leotard of any color, pink tights, optional ballet skirt ballet shoes, hair pulled back out of face

Combo Classes: Each combo class will follow the above ballet dress code, in addition to either a tap or jazz portion of the class. The students will need black tap or jazz shoes and may wear additional layers (tank tops, leggings, etc.) for these portions of class.

Contemporary: Leotard of any color, pink or black tights, ballet shoes, lyrical shoes, or barefoot are all acceptable, optional athletic shorts or dance pants, hair pulled back out of face


Please arrive promptly to all classes. It is important that your child participates in the warm up period of each class to avoid injuries and class disruption. Consistent attendance in required in order to adequately prepare your dancer for class and performances.

Food & Drink

There is no food or drink allowed in the dance studio out of respect for the owner. Dancers may keep water bottles in the main lobby waiting areas.


Lobby rules

Siblings and family are welcome to wait in the lobby during classes and watch the class on the screen, however, we want to honor the owner of the studio and keep the space calm and clean! Please remove all trash before leaving and keep children close by. 

Drop In/Trial Classes

We offer a one week trial period for students to try a class and see if it is a good fit. If you would like to sample a class, please contact us at info@makersekklesiadance.com to set up your class trial!


All students will be expected to perform in the Spring Recital at the end of the dance year. This is an exciting time for students to display the skills they have been working on all year to family and friends. Additionally there will be a rehearsal date the day before the recital and an optional Christmas Performance.

Costumes will be ordered at the beginning of the spring semester for each student.

The only extra fees you can expect will be a $25 recital fee (which replaces ticket sales for the recital) and a costume fee which will vary based on individual classes. We try our hardest to keep these to a minimum!


tuition payment

All tuition payment is due by the 1st of each Month. A late fee of $15 will be added on to all late/bounced payments, and ultimately dismissal from the class. All our students enrolling in the 2019-2020 dance year will be enrolled in our new auto-pay program to help us better serve our students. Cash pay options will be discussed on an individual basis. Please contact us with any concerns.


We offer a 10% sibling discount on each additional class after the first registered class. We also offer a 10% discount to pastors, military, policemen & firefighters. Please mention this at registration if this is applicable to your family!

Multiple class discount:

-The second class after the first class will have a 10% discount, the third 20%, etc.